This month's specialty coffees:
⇾ Colombia Micro-lots

⇾ Yirgacheffe

⇾ Geisha

⇾ Organic Guatemala

⇾ Kenya Micro-lots

⇾ Yemen Matari

⇾ Brazil Micro-lots

Neoma Coffee

Single Origin Coffee Beans

Can be ordered at any time.
Origins: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Sumatra, Yemen Matari, Yirgacheffee , Sidamo Natural, Geisha, Rwanda, Organic Mexico, Organic Sidamo, Kenya micro-lots and others at request.

Caramello - Blend
A blend of exotic coffee beans with a mild chocolate after taste
Origins of blend: East Africa, South East Asia and Central America.

Organic Mexican

Mount Water

Baroque Blend
Our premium blend with micro-lot origins.
Origins of blend: East Africa and Central America.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Organic Coffee Blend

Organically certified by the growers.

Single Origin Coffee Beans

Single Origin Coffee Beans

Origins: Kenya, Ethopia, Indonesia, India, Papua New Ginea, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia and others at request.